but wow it’s been forever since i’ve used this blog last time…

My Yumehashis + random trivia ???

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ah well i have gaenkyouya/kyouyagaen, zanyakisaragi and magatsujin and a few shidou urls i actually do have a few aikatsu ones but they're not any of the main girls unfortunately ; ; i have kurosawamichiru and sakurakitaouji! i don't know if you'd be ok with trading for those but tbh i'd give them all to you for hiro !

i’m sorry but right now i’m not enough interested for any of those urls to give up on hiro, only one i’m kinda tempted for is zanyakisaragi but i’m really now sure … ;;

if you still want the url, come off anon and we can maybe discuss about it.

sorry to bother you but um!! i really want your oozorahiro url but idk if i have anything you'd want for it ? idk if you're watching buddyfight or not but i do have a few canon urls if you're interested ? and if not is there anything else you'd be interested in trading it for?

you’re not bothering me, no worries!!

i’m not really into buddyfight but there are few characters i like, so you can still suggest me the ones you have even tho i’ll probably reject them anyway. i’d prefer some inazuma or dansen urls as i treasure oozorahiro url a lot, so i’m very picky when it comes to trading it away. i’m sorry;;

if you can get me kojoutakeru or kishibetaiga url, i’d gladly trade oozorahiro for you! other suggestions are fine too, but i can’t say for sure whether i’ll be interested enough to trade.

ibumana and matamana tags updating are what keeps me alive

if hane-chan was an aikatsu idol, what would her brand be? i think angely sugar would suit her very well! especially its aqua swan coord.

i’ve been actually thinking about this a lot!! angely sugar was also my first thought, but i think overall it’s a bit too cute for her. (aqua swan coord would suit her perfectly tho)

there isn’t brand that would suit the image i have of her in my mind so i’m not really sure. i’d see her more as pop- or cool-type idol instead of cute, but none of the pop-brands are her style so i’m leaning towards cool-type brand futuring girl - which fits her color-scheme and goes better with her overall style than any other of existing brands.

she would probably use a lot good coords and different brands for different auditions and stuff (as she prefers to have some variety), but her primary brand would most likely be futuring girl if any. she’d be a cool-type idol with traits of pop and cute.

also i’m so frustrated that the chibi-arts sunshine is exclusive and can’t be find anywhere with reasonable price and it’s not like i have enough money

good splash star merch is so rare and expensive ):

i just realized i still had splash star marked as on-hold on mal even tho i finished it forever ago